Germany and Austria--1991

The 1991 student trip was our second one to Germany and Austria, and we made a few changes to the itinerary that we would keep for a number of years. We decided that the Black Forest area presented a good opportunity to buy cuckoo clocks, but for our purposes, we would be better off extending the amount of time we could spend in Salzburg and in Rothenburg. We also decided that Rothenburg makes a much better ending spot for a trip than a beginning spot. Members of our groups have enjoyed shopping in Rothenburg more than in the other cities they visit, and ending the visit there would mean less lugging souvenirs all over Germany and Austria. On this trip, we were lucky enough to get snow at the castles (right) and in the countryside around Salzburg. Snow in Hohenschwangau

Salzburg - Munich and the Castles - Rothenburg 
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