Germany and Austria--November '91
Munich and the Castles

In many cities in Germany, including Munich, work begins on the Christmas market during the last week or two of November. Each time we visit Munich we get to see the beginning preparations for the market---stalls are being erected and decorated and the Christmas tree waits patiently for its tinsel and lights. Munich
Hofbrauhaus The Hofbrauhaus is located just three or four blocks from the Marienplatz, but for some reason every time I start walking down to it, I take a wrong turn. Although the place is best visited at night, if you don't have much time in Munich, it's open all during the day for meals and for beer. It's not a bad place to have dinner either; the food is okay and the prices are not too bad.
This gate with its ironic message, something like "Work makes freedom," has been left standing at the Dachau Memorial site. The museum at Dachau does a good job of documenting the horrors of the work camps and death camps operated by the Nazis. A couple of the prisoner barracks have been reconstructed and the visitor can also see the creamtorium. Dachau Gate
Hohenschwangau Village The small village at Hohenschwangau lies in the area between Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau Castles. It exists primarily to serve the tourists who flock in. Although you can visit the castles on a day trip from Munich or you can stay in Füssen, I think it's much more fun to stay right in Hohenschwangau on the night before seeing the castles. It's so peaceful and quiet and you get the added benefit of getting to see the castles illuminated.

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