Germany and Austria--1991
Salzburg and the Countryside

Every guide who leads us around Salzburg always tells us that the St. Peter's Churchyard was used as the scene for the hiding place in "The Sound of Music." I've watched the movie two or three times and it never looks like St. Peter's to me. Nevertheless, this is a great place for tourists (like Brenda) who can spend days in cemeteries. Some of the family burial plots are built right into the cliffside and look like rooms in a home. St. Peter's Churchyard, Salzburg
Inside the Salzbergwerk The Salzbergwerk where this picture was made is not located in the city of Salzburg--the spelling is different. The "burg" in Salzburg refers to the castle in the city, but the "berg" in Salzbergwerk refers to the mountain of salt that lies below the surface in this area of Germany and Austria. This particular salzbergwerk is located in Berchtesgaden. Other similar mines that allow visits are located throughout the region. On this "miner's tour" in Berchtesgaden, you get to put on the miner's gear, ride a little train into the bowels of the earth, and see examples of how the salt was (and still is) mined. The highlight of this for most of the students is the long wooden slides that are used to descend to the next lower levels.
On this trip, we took a tour through the countryside with one of the tour companies that operates from Salzburg. Panorama Tours is located on Mirabelplatz and offers many options for the traveler. For us, with our small groups, we can usually hire a driver and a small van and alter our tour to fit our needs. On this trip, we knew that it had snowed in the mountains, so our guide made sure we got to visit these areas and play in the snow fields. Salzkammergut scene
St. Gilgen St. Gilgen is one of the towns that lies in the region near Salzburg. There are a number of Alpine lakes in this region with several small towns similar to St. Gilgen. Although we have never taken an auto trip through this area, I think that any travelers would do well to add this area to their itinerary. The scenery is often magnificent, the accommodations appear to be excellent, and the highway system would be easy to negotiate. With our guides we are always certain to learn that Mozart had some connection to every place we visit. For example, here in St. Gilgen, I'm sure his mother or sister or first cousin lived in the house on the corner for at least a few months.

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