Germany and Austria--November '91
Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Although Germany's ICE and similar high speed trains throughout Europe are comfortable and fast, everyone needs to travel on the small second class trains that connect the small towns. On these, you can still pull down the window and stick your head out and see the countryside go by. On the new trains, sometimes you have to look out the window to let the blur assure you that you're not on a plane. The Train to Rothenburg
Rothenburg street Wandering up and down the streets of Rothenburg can be a great pastime in the off season when the shops are not so crowded. You can wander in and talk to the owners without having to rush. After 4:00 or 5:00 each day, the town switches into a less frantic mode and quiet wandering is possible.
Rothenburg presents so many different photo ops that sometimes we almost miss them. We probably have dozens of pictures of the kids with their heads stuck through the stocks at the Kriminalmuseum, but this is the only one we have that's taken through the stocks. The Kriminalmuseum is one of the best of its kind in all of our Europe. It's three floors document social and legal justice in the Europe of the Middle Ages. At the Kriminalmuseum
Christmas Market The Christmas Market is extremely big business in Rothenburg. Each year, we are in the town on the Thursday and Friday before the market officially begins on Saturday. It's fun to watch all the vendors making preparations for the shopping frenzy that they hope will occur during the next three weeks or so. Most of the vendors are not so busy that they aren't willing to make an early sale.

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