Eurailpass II--1989

There are few towns that have enthralled us as much as Hallstatt. From the time we arrived by train and took the little boat across the Hallstättersee to the town until we reluctantly left a few days later, we enjoyed every minute. What a great place to relax and just enjoy the town around you. Although it's a little crowded at times during the day, the late afternoons are peaceful and quiet. We enjoyed our visit to the charnel house where the bones and skulls of former Hallstatters have been dug up and decorated to make room in the tiny cemetery for the newly dead, and the salt mine trip is a fun diversion. But the real recreation is just walking about, perhaps riding the boat across the lake to sample the great views, and taking time to wander through the shops. So far this has been our only trip to Hallstatt, but we long to return.  Hallstatt
In the Bernese Oberland We stayed in Grindlewald during our visit to the Bernese Oberland, but we were able to use our regional passes to take the cable cars, trains, and funiculars throughout the region. At the end of the long Männlichenbahn, we saw a few patches of snow even in the middle of summer. The Berner Oberland regional pass is available only in the summer, but provides a real bargain for anyone staying four or five days in the area. The savings on the trip to the top of the Jungfrau alone almost pay for the ticket.

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