Eurailpass II--1989

On our earlier Eurail trip to Europe, we had taken the Romantic Road bus from Munich to Wurzburg and had seen Rothenburg for the first time, but on that trip we had been able to stay only a few hours. In planning this trip, we knew we wanted to see more of Rothenburg and consequently made it our first stop. We had more time to walk up and down the little streets that we had only been able to sample the time before. On this trip, we stayed in a private room in an apartment over a barber shop just a few steps from the Kriminalmuseum. But we had our lunch at the Gasthof Greifen just up the street. This was our first exposure to the Greifen and the Klingler family, and it has become our home in Rothenburg on every subsequent trip. Rothenburg street
The Plonlein The Plonlein has been called "the most photographed spot in Germany," and I certainly believe whoever made that statement. I personally seem to have twenty or thirty pictures of it, each time looking for exactly the right angle or the right amount of light, or the right Rothenburger strolling by in the background. This photo should go into my archives because it is the first of all those I have taken at this spot. What is it about the Plonlein that makes it such an attraction to photographers other than the fact that it is "most photographed"?
The Schloss Restaurant Neuschwanstein lies just a little way down the hill from Neuschwanstein Castle. It's biggest business comes from selling meals, snacks, and drinks to the horde of visitors walking past every day. But the Schloss Restaurant has a few rooms for rent, and on this visit we decided to stay. Guests (and employees) at the Schloss Restaurant are allowed to drive up whereas everyone else must walk or take the horse-drawn carriages. As our cab passed hundreds of exhausted walkers, they all eyed us with envy--or was it anger? The down side of staying at the Schloss Restaurant is that once you're there, it's really inconvenient to everything except Neuschwanstein. Schloss Restaurant at Neuschwanstein
Bamberg's Rathaus On this trip, we tried to allow ourselves as much flexibility as possible. Toward the end of the trip, we planned to go to Berchtesgaden, but because of clouds and fog around Berchtesgaden, we opted instead for a short trip to Bamberg. For the train visitor, Bamberg presents an ugly first impression, but the old town center makes up for it all. The Rathaus, sticking its nose out above the river, is the most famous sight, but the town is full of other great ones. At the time of our visit, Bamberg was also pretty full of American soldiers and their families from the nearby bases. Now that the U.S. presence is so much smaller, maybe Bamberg can present its attractions in a quieter setting.

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