Eurailpass II--1989

We stopped in St. Gallen overnight for one reason only: to have a chance to visit the Stiftsbibliothek, the St. Gallen library, perhaps the "rococo-est" of the rococo. Visitors must wear a pair of special slippers over their shoes to protect the floor. The swirling curlicues are so overwhelming that one can be excused for missing some of the manuscript treasures. St. Gallen's library
Lauterbrunnen Valley We spent a good deal of our time in Switzerland in the Bernese Oberland, particularly in the region south of Interlaken. At the time of our visit in summer, the temperature variations in the Lauterbrunnen Valley were amazing. In the town of Lauterbrunnen, we would be burning up, but further up the mountains in Murren or Wengen, the cool, dry air was absolutely exhilarating.
The walk up to the castle in Thun was very interesting. A long, covered staircase goes up the hill from the lower level of the town until it reaches the level of the castle. While we were there, a group of musicians were practicing for an upcoming concert, so we were entertained for free as we did our sightseeing. Thun's castle
Spiez Thun and Spiez are located relatively close together on the shores of Lake Thun. The towns are similar in many ways, but the location of the castle is completely the opposite. In Spiez, the castle is located at the lowest level of the town right beside the lake. 
The Ballenberg Swiss Open-Air Museum is a country park with typical dwellings from several rural regions all over Switzerland. In addition, throughout the park, craftsmen demonstrate some of the traditional farm skills such as bread making, cheese making, and (in this photo) haying. Ballenberg exhibit

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