Along the Rue Cler

On most of our recent visits to Paris, we have stayed on the rue Cler in the 7th.  In the past, we have stayed at the Grand Hotel Leveque (near the "Vins" sign), but this year we decided to try out the Hotel la Serre right across the street from the Leveque.
Markets abound on the rue Cler and provide a great mixture of colors (and smells!)  The people who shop on the rue Cler are largely middle class, and the area seems to be very safe.  I think it would really be the perfect place to stay for a family.
Our favorite spot on the street is the crepe stand, just a few meters down the street from the front door of either hotel.  Although the ham, cheese, and egg combinations are very good, our favorite is the Nutella (chocolate).  For those in a hurry, the crepe man can provide a full meal at a low cost.
From our window in the La Serre, we could see the Eiffel Tower.  Overall, we prefer the Leveque, but the La Serre certainly offers a reasonable alternative for about the same cost.  The La Serre was formerly known as Hotel du Centre for rue Cler visitors who might not remember it by this name.  The new owners also own a restaurant by the same name two or three blocks away.  No matter which hotel you choose, you should certainly give the restaurant a try.

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