London and Beyond--Spring '93

On our first five student trips to England, we had begun with short stays in London, but until this trip in the spring of 1993, we had never visited England on our own. On our previous trips, we had seen London and had made short visits to Stratford and to Canterbury, but we had never been able to see very much in the rest of the countryside. We finally settled on an itinerary that began with a few days in London--enough time to see some of our old favorites and take day trips to Hampton Court and Windsor --followed by a short visit to Bath. Then, we stayed in a Bed and Breakfast near Worcester and hired our host to guide us around several sites northwest of London--Warwick, Blenheim, Stratford, the Cotswolds, and Oxford. Next, we took a night train to Edinburgh for a short visit in Scotland. Finally, we returned to Manchester for our flight home. (Right: The Pulteney Bridge in Bath, like the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, has shops built along the bridge.) Bath Bridge

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