London to the Rhine II
Spring 1985

After the success of the initial student trip in 1984, several students in Natchitoches and surrounding parishes contacted us about doing a similar trip in 1985.  We had such good luck with Cultural Studies International that we decided to do the same exact itinerary again, beginning in London (with another visit to the Tower), crossing the channel to France for a visit to Paris, then on to Switzerland and Germany.
"The White Cliffs of Dover" were a familiar sight to most student trips prior to the building of the Chunnel.  Two things stand out in my memory about every stop we ever made to Dover to board the ferry to Calais.  One, the wind was apparently always about 60 miles per hour; and two, someone in the group would invariably say, "They really are white, aren't they."
Paris in the rain has become such a familar sight over the years.  A stop at the Place de la Concorde is a must for every student tour to Europe.  Watching a busload of kids ignore the traffic signals as they dash from the bus to the Obelisk causes the teachers to hide their eyes in fear.  American students have no idea that in Paris, pedestrians are legal targets.
There are certainly larger cities in Switzerland and there are even more scenic cities, but Lucerne is probably the most tourist-friendly in the country.  A lakeside setting, nearby mountains, reasonable accommodations, unlimited shopping, and folklore evenings combine to help make Lucerne a regular stop on student tour itineraries.
Although Pilatus is the "optional" mountaintop trip offered by most companies, CSI opted for trips to Mt. Titlis.  On this trip, Titlis was again one of the favorites of the whole group.  It is interesting now to look back at these pictures and see how much the tourist facilities at the top of the mountain have expanded over the years.  
On the final day of the trip, the group poses on the grounds of the Heidelberg Castle.  At this time, Brenda and I had already made most of our plans for our first independent trip to Europe that was to begin in just a couple of months.  

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