Scandinavian Holiday:  Summer 1999

Since we were arriving in Denmark by way of the crossing between Helsingborg and Helsingor, we decided to visit Fredericksborg Castle at the town of Hillerod.  We managed to take the right bus, but we didn't take the right direction!  After an hour-long tour of the Hillerod neighborhoods, we finally arrived at the castle.  The castle was the work of Christian IV and is a great place to visit to learn about Danish history.
In Copenhagen itself, we did not do a good job of picking a place to stay.  If we had to do it over again, I think I'd pay the extra money and stay in the Nyhavn area.  This is a lively, scenic area with lots of activity and many restaurants.  We stayed in the Cab-Inn because it was cheap, but we had to master the bus system to get to the places we wanted to see.
One of the places that everyone should try to see in Copenhagen is the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, perhaps the best art gallery in all of Scandinavia.  Many of the sculptures are displayed in a garden setting under skylights, and the small collection of 19th century French paintings is worth the price of admission by itself.
Tivoli Gardens is a grand old amusement park, now more than 150 years old.  Many of the old attractions are still there, but modern thrill rides have been added, too.  The people in Copenhagen believe that the Tivoli is a perfect place to escape during the hot summers.  It is said that the temperatures among the trees of the gardens are 20 degrees cooler than the rest of the city in July.
We really began to enjoy Copenhagen so much more after taking the walking tour of the city with Copenhagen resident Richard Karpen, an American who has been living and working in the city for many years.  Richard combines a love for the city with a wonderful sense of humor and great enthusiasm to produce three different walking tours.  We took two of them and were sorry we couldn't make the third. 
The Louisiana Museum is located about 15 miles north of Copenhagen right on the coast.  From the grounds, you can look across to Sweden.  The setting is almost as much a reason to visit as the art.  We were able to readily identify works by artists such as Calder, but we saw quite a few "unusual" works that challenge our most liberal definitions of modern art.

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