London and Beyond
November 1997

Buckingham Palace Goat The 1997 Foreign Studies trip marked the first time we traveled independently with students to England, the first time we decided to try apartments as an option to hotel rooms, the first time we visited a European hospital (broken toe after midnight!), and the first time that Brenda and I were able to visit Dover Castle.  But one of the most unusual "firsts" was the chance to see a "Changing of the Goat" not just once but twice!!
The goat is the official mascot of the Welsh guard.  We were lucky enough to be able to see the goat for the first time at Buckingham Palace (above), but to our surprise, we saw him again in the ceremonies at Windsor during our visit there!  In many ways, the Windsor visit was much better.  Following the ceremony, formality is dropped for a while as the goat is led around for a much more up close and personal visit.  Windsor Goat

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