Italy '97

When we first began to plan this trip, we intended to fly into Frankfurt and then do a loop through Budapest, Prague, and Kracow, but American Airlines didn't have a single (frequent flyer miles) seat to Frankfurt on the dates we could go. When we asked where there were seats available, Milan was the first one the agent listed, and our response was, "Why not!" We had been planning to see Rome and Florence again for some time, so this provided the perfect opportunity. Roman Street
Omega and Alpha?? The trip also gave us an opportunity to vist Siena and Pisa, two places I had been but Brenda had not. You also can discover that with a little searching into the right museum, a lot of imagination, and an imaging tool that does a mirror effect, you might even find a way to interpret a little divine intervention!

Rome - Florence, Siena, Pisa, and Milan
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