Italy at Easter: 2001

Over the years, many of our trips have resulted from airfares that seem "too good to pass up" and this trip was one of those.  But on this occasion, the window of opportunity for buying the tickets was so small that we had no idea where we really wanted to visit before we purchased the round-trip tickets to Zurich.  We'd just seen a special on PBS about the efforts that were being made to save Venice, so we decided that another trip to Italy was in order.  Since our time was relatively limited, we decided to concentrate on Venice and Florence, but we were able to get a couple of bonuses with a stop in Ravenna and a day at Lake Como added.  Usually, we purchase some kind of rail pass for our travels, but since our number of actual rail days was so small, we decided to just buy point-to-point tickets after we arrived.  We had purchased our Zurich-to-Venice tickets in advance and were picking them up at the Zurich airport.  The agent in the office asked about our trip, and said something like "Let me see if I can find a better ticket."  What he came up with was a round trip ticket that would take us from Zurich to Venice to Florence and back to Zurich  with any number of stops, good for a one month period at a price much lower than we'd expected to pay.  If you're planning to use point-to-point tickets and have a little time, check with the information office and see what possibilities are available.  The varieties of tickets seem to be endless, and you might be as lucky as we were on this trip.
From Rialto Bridge

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