Fall 2001:  London, Normandy, and Paris


Our 1999 trip to London, Normandy, and Paris had been so enjoyable that  we decided to make our final student trip ever fairly similar to it.  Even after the 9/11 Tragedy, we had a total of twenty students and adults for the trip.  After it was over, we decided that it had been one of the best ever.  Because so few Americans were traveling, the tourist spots were relatively uncrowded; very little time was wasted standing in lines, and as a result, we got to see even more than we had originally planned. We made only a few changes from the 1999 itinerary.  Nigel Hake, our London guide, had been so popular that we decided to use him for our entire stay in England.  We took the overnight ferry to Le Havre rather than to Cherbourg (mostly because of the better accommodations) and visited the World War II sites prior to going to Mont St. Michel.  Finally, we were able to make a very quick visit to Chartres by having our Normandy coach drive us all the way into Paris.  In this photo, the group is posing at Arromanches, site of one of the British landings on D-Day.

London  - Normandy - Paris
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