Three-Country Europass: 1995

For the past few years, the Europass has offered an option that makes it really appealing to us. When two adults travel together, the 2nd adult travels at half price. In addition the pass offers flexibility with a number of options that fit our limited travel opportunities. On most of our trips, we try to revisit a few of the places we have seen in the past while adding a few new places that we have been wanting to see. For this trip, we decided to revisit Venice and Paris and add visits to the Cinque Terre, to Carcassone, and to Chenonceau. We also decided that we'd like to include a train trip on the route of the Bernina Express. It was a little difficult to make all the train connections. We had to make one night trip that would put us at our destination in the early morning. But in fact, everything worked out very well, and we had almost no problems at all. Packed Bags

Venice - Cinque Terre to Carcassone - Chenonceau to Paris
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