Game Format and Scoring

Round One: Mixed Bag - Round One consists of ten questions worth five points each. The questions cover a wide variety of topics. (50 points)

Round Two: Category - All questions in Round Two are related to a single category listed in the title of the round. There are ten items in the round worth five points each. There is a sixty-second time limit to complete Round Two. (50 points)

Round Three: Letter Perfect - Round Three also has a sixty second time limit. In this round, the answers are all related by common word structure (all may begin or end with the same letter or letters, for example). There are ten items worth five points each. (50 points)

Round Four: Toss-Up + Bonus - This round combines features of Round One and Round Two (with an occasional bit of Round Three thrown in). You will be given five Toss-Up questions similar to the questions in Round One. Each of them is worth ten points. For each of them you answer correctly, you can earn up to twenty bonus points by answering bonus questions on a topic related to the toss-up question. Remember, do NOT count the bonus points unless you answer the Toss-Up Correctly. (150 points)

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